From Fall to Spring are newcomers from the southwest of Germany who have dedicated themselves to melodic new metal. With the two self-produced EPs „A Better Tomorrow“ (2017) and „Disconnected“ (2019), the guys got off to an impressive start and cracked the one million clicks mark on the popular streaming portals in 2020. The single ‚Supernova‚ also caused a stir abroad for the first time and, together with the other two singles ‚RISE‚ and ‚BR4INFCK‚, now comes to over 4 million streams.
In view of this impressive number, the music industry naturally also took notice of the band, which eventually signed with Arising Empire, one of the biggest German rock and metal labels. Five singles with accompanying music videos followed, giving From Fall To Spring’s social media profiles an enormous amount of attention.
The band, which consists of twin brothers Philip and Lukas Wilhelm (both vocals), Simon Triem (keyboard), Benedikt Veith (drums), Sebastian Monzel (guitar) and León Arend (bass), now has over 100,000 followers on TikTok and over 30,000 on Instagram. This is also how festival organizers became aware of the high-flyers, who played at Full Force and Pell Mell Festival, among others, in 2022 and then completed a well-attended headlining tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

recent music videos: